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October 26, 2016
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What’s Embrace the Burpee?

Welcome to Embrace the Burpee! Embrace the Burpee is the new content blog for CrossFit RAZE. This will be mostly my voice, your coach and owner of CrossFit RAZE, Bobbie Sage. My voice about advice, what’s happening at RAZE, and just “life with CrossFitting” things I want to share and encourage you with.

But also I will include guest articles and feature our events and people who make RAZE the amazing community it is!

So why Embrace the Burpee? Well, it’s just a cool name, right? Of course it is, but first I wanted to have a fun name so you can find this blog easy. You can always find the latest post at www.crossfitraze.com/embrace-the-burpee. See, easy right? But the main reason for the name will form the basis of this content blog.

We’ve all heard “Embrace the Suck”. Well, for me the Burpee is the Suck pretty much. The burpee always represented the worst part of the WOD. I saw it on the whiteboard and just all the sudden got frustrated and thought about how I did not want to to burpees. Then once the WOD started with every burpee I would fight them. I just tensed up, hating each up and down of the burpee. I would rest so much in-between just because I did not want this burpee to think I wanted to do it. I hated them and kept saying over and over in my head how stupid they were and how I hated them and I did not want to do them. I hated burpees!

So, I can’t tell you exactly how or when it happened but having gone though a crap load of stuff in my life as we all do and learning from those experiences I found of course, as we all do, that fighting things out of our control just wastes our energy, does not help the situation and often possibly makes the situation worse. Now you know what’s coming, especially my current athletes because I have said it to them. One day the BURPEES came up in the WOD and I told myself to try to Embrace the Burpee and stop wasting my energy on fighting it. Because I had to do it (well, I could have quit but no that’s not going to happen). OMG, yep guess what happened? Those were the best set up burpees I ever had done! Ok, ok, they are burpees so they still sucked but seriously, my breathing was much steadier and my focus was shifted on keeping positive so my performance improved and I felt like, “Well, ok Burpee, your not so bad, today.” (Yes, I did have a conversation with the burpee during the WOD and I still do everytime, don’t judge!)

Well, there you go. Now my athletes hear me say Embrace the Burpee often. I tell them to hug it and love it and buy t-shirts that say how awesome burpees are. And sometimes it has been a great way to talk to my athletes about how when they learn how to Embrace the Burpee in the WOD, it will transfer to their thinking outside the box. When they have that something come up in life that they just want to fight but they realize it’s only a fight for their loss of control. They can gain control back by their reaction and not let that situation control them more. Then they think clearer and make a better decision to get through the situation and have usually built better character and insight into how strong they really are.

So, that’s the basis of this blog. I hope to be able to give you all insight and tools on how to Embrace the Burpee in your lives through my life, coach and business owner experiences and hopefully through the comments below you can give me regular feedback and continue to help me Embrace the Burpee in my life.


  1. Greg Szabo says:

    Burpees still suck

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