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May 7, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Trust the Process

“The needs of Olympic and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind” – Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

Tomorrow Levon and I will be competing at Triple River CrossFit to represent our community at CrossFit RAZE. I know I also speak for Levon when I say we both greatly appreciate all of you who will plan to take some time out of your day to come and cheer us on. Even though you all know I personally don’t have preference for the cheering very much, however it does mean a lot to me that I know you took your valuable time to be there for us and your RAZE community.

Having you there not only because you are part of our RAZE family and we want to share this experience with you but also a big reason I do these competitions is to show you all that what our coaches at RAZE teach, how we coach and how I program represents Coach Glassman’s quote above (and his quote has always been my guide to programming).

I spend a lot of time learning and researching about programming and through all that research it still comes down to the basics. The programming you are doing now is the same programming that has brought me to this competition and all the competitions through the years and my future ones.

It comes down to the foundations of functional movement being drilled over and over and over and being willing to correct yourself over and over and over. We all have those same foundational functional movement needs and since these movements are how we have been meant to move since the beginning of our existence, besides the degree of training, there is nothing different in how I need to train to compete than your grandma needs to train to have a high quality of life.

And this is how I program and coach for you and program for me and the results are phenomenal for the both of us, regardless of what our life goals are.

So wherever you are in your journey stick with it, be consistent and trust the process. Don’t fall back into chasing the next fancy exercise program fad, equipment, machine, or trainer that can promise you something better (there is nothing better than moving your body the way it is meant to move). Just trust the process of drilling the basics of functional movement towards virtuosity. I promise you will keep getting consistent results to take you wherever your are ready to set your goals!

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