David Rogers
July 15, 2016
Sarah Sanderson-Doughty
April 7, 2016

What made you decide to come to CrossFit RAZE? 
I had taken a month off due to work commitments from my previous gym. When I started shopping around again I found RAZE gave me the most bang for my buck.
How often do you workout?
Four times a week.
What changes have you noticed and achieved both mentally, emotionally and physically since being a member at CrossFit RAZE?
Since starting CrossFit as a whole I have stopped taking GERD medication, my cholesterol numbers are where they should be and I stopped taking my cholesterol meds. Since joining RAZE, I have have had the opportunity to try rucking, completed my Spartan Trifecta, competed in the Strongman Competition at the 4H Fair, learned to listen to my body (usually the hard way), and my deadlift numbers have consistently increased all due to Coach Sage.
What are your favorite movements and WODs?
Deadlifts. Not sure about favorite WOD.
What’s the most important thing you have learned about yourself through being a member at RAZE?
Listen to Bobbie (Coach Sage).
What keeps bringing you back to RAZE?
The people, coaches and class schedule.
If someone is reading this right now and is interested in coming to CrossFit RAZE but still nervous about taking the leap, what would you say to them?
Come in and give it a try. Every movement is modifiable. If you want to get in shape this is the way to do it. When you start progressing, it will give you a great feeling and sense of accomplishment.