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October 4, 2016
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October 27, 2016

Olympic Lifting Throwdown

CrossFit RAZE Members get signed up to participate in our Olympic Lifting Throwdown Friday night 5-7pm December 2, 2016!

$5 to participate and the money collected will be split between Best Male Total, Best Female Total and Best Overall Lifter (by bodyweight). And additional prize, to be announced at the throwdown, will be given to the Coach’s Choice. The Coach’s Choice will be the lifter who executed the Snatch and Clean and Jerk with the best form and style (Virtuosity).

We will run this throwdown just like a standard Olympic Lifting meet. You will get 3 attempts at each lift. We start everyone at the Snatch first. Once all participants finish their 1st snatch attempt we move to each participant’s 2nd attempt. You must declare your starting weight for each lift on the whiteboard when you sign-up. You cannot go lower than your starting weight, only higher.

If you complete your lift you will get credit for that weight. If you fail all three of your attempts you will get a zero for your score in that lift. Reasons a judge will count your lift as a fail:

-you could not lift the weight
-you pressed out with your elbows (no bend! Oly meet standards are strict so the slightest press out is a NO-REP)
-you did not finish your lift (feet under shoulders, show stability, don’t put the bar down until you get the signal from the judge)

You do not have to squat clean or squat snatch but you must split your jerk.

Please list additional questions in the comments here. Hope to see you all at the throwdown!

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