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December 11, 2016
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Embrace the Burpee: No More Excuses

‘Tis the season’ where healthy eating habits and workouts start to slip away. Slacking off can happen anytime but during the holidays it’s much more common. You don’t want to undo all the hard work that you have put in at the gym. It’s important to learn how to establish a “no excuses” policy with yourself. We are all busy and it’s very rare that your excuse is valid enough to keep you out of the gym. Check out this list of common excuses and how to combat them… do they look familiar?

1. “I don’t have time.” – Yes this is one of the most common I hear as a coach and the most unbelievable. Those of you who know me well enough have stopped using this excuse. I guarantee you have the time, you either don’t want to go when there is time (like at 5:20am or 6:30pm) or don’t want to drag your kids in or you just suck at planning. Planning out your workouts a week ahead of time can often combat this issue. You may have to change up your normal class times or plan a routine for bringing your kids into the box. We offer a variety of classes at CrossFit RAZE that it would be very rare that someone legitimately can use the excuse of “I don’t have time.”

2. “Parties and Going-out on Weekends” – Why do you feel like s*** in the WOD today? You couldn’t resist your Grandmother’s sugar cookies or that open bar at your employee holiday party. Part of life is enjoying to splurge a little but there’s a difference between splurging and overindulging. A great way to combat the urge to overindulge is to practice the 80/20 rule. Try to only indulge in those unhealthy options 20%, if necessary. Remind yourself your body is worth quality sustenance. Once you see that those splurges are just you putting trash in your body, you can focus on feeling better about treating your body well with good nutrition.

3. “I’ll start in January, February, Monday…” – Guess what, life will continue to happen. You can’t wait to start when the kids are out of school or when you get your finances organized or once you finish “whatever” project or once you don’t have to care for your parents anymore. Because guess what? Something else will happen. What’s the tag line on the CrossFit RAZE main webpage? “It’s not about the next 90 days. It’s about the next 90 years.” This is about learning how to live healthy as you navigate through life. Don’t think you have to figure it all out to get started. Baby steps. With the support of your RAZE coaches and community you will gradually learn how to incorporate your health and wellness into everyday life.

4. “It’s too late, too dark, too cold, too hot out” – Yes, it can be hard to find the motivation to drive to the gym when a cozy bed/couch at home is calling your name or when the humidity is so stifling you don’t want to leave the comfort of your air conditioning or when you have worked a long day at work and your body just feels like it has no energy to move anymore. A good way to combat this excuse is to find a workout buddy in the box to help keep you accountable. A workout buddy that has these same excuses would be even better! On those cold, hot, dark, tiring days you just shoot your buddy a text and tell them to get their behind into the box and ask them to do the same for you. As you all know, once you get to RAZE and get that WOD done you feel so much better and are glad you made it in.

Do you have more excuses? Please share them in the comments below and we’ll see if we can find a way to help you combat them. And as always, you can set up a time to chat with a CrossFit RAZE coach to help you make a plan to combat your most common excuses.

So, at least for today no more excuses! Good, then let’s finish up and Embrace the Burpee with 10 burpees right now! 3,2,1… GO!

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