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“You can’t”, “You don’t belong here”, “It’s too hard”

img_6199Our amazing CrossFit RAZE athlete Laura gave me permission to post this from our Frozen Paleo Challenge group. Please take the time to read. Very inspiring. We are so proud of her. Way to Embrace the Burpee Laura!

“I know the challenge does not end until tomorrow, but I have more time today to weigh-in and take pictures. This lifestyle change started for me June 1st when I walked into RAZE, for the first time. I had stopped all routine exercise, and knew I HAD to get my life back!

This will be a long post, but here is my story!

img_6202I ran the Indy mini half marathon in May 2013. I had put in a year of training, over 700 miles to prepare for that one race. Then life changed….I finished college, started a new job working days which changed my whole daily schedule. I stopped exercising, and the weight gained and gained.

I had friends that talked about CrossFit, but was not sure if it was right for me. After doing research, countless emails to Karen Walton, I walked in for the first day of my free week at RAZE. Not sure what to expect, scared I wouldn’t be able to do the workouts, but determined to make a change! I have met some amazing people at RAZE, the coaches Bobbie Sage, Karen, and Todd have been great. All the fellow RAZE athletes make you feel welcome. No matter how slow, or how light my weights, or what progressions I had to do to complete the WOD I never felt unwelcome.

img_6207img_6201Everyone is so encourging! So I came back week after week after week. I can feel the strength, and see the difference in the mirror! I might be the only one, but I read the WODs Bobbie creates, and then think “that is going to suck”, but feel SO accomplished after it’s done! Pushing myself to go a little faster, add a little more weight, work on better form, put the work in to make a change.

This 5 week challenge has allowed me to combine the weekly workouts, with a healthy way of eating. It has challenged not only me, but my whole family to eat better, and work harder to get healthy.

img_6200I NEVER do this but, I currently weight 238lbs. I know I have a long ways to go, the rest of my life to be exact, but I walked into RAZE 8 months ago weighting over 300 lbs. and have now lost 68lbs. To me I see the hard work I have put in, the early morning workouts, the saying NO to junk food, to the mental battle that says “you can’t”, “you don’t belong here”, “it’s too hard”. There is no magic pill, it is hard work, but so worth it. I am addictied to Crossfit!”

During these 5 weeks, I have lost 25lbs, lost 3 inches off my waist, 5.5 inches off my hips, 1.5 inches off my chest, little over an inch on both arms, and gained an inch on each thigh (hoping muscle). I have gained back my confidence and am looking forward to the weeks ahead! Reading each of your posts the last 5 weeks have been amazing…the victories, and the struggles!”

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