Our Team

Bobbie Sage

Owner, Head Coach

Coach Bobbie Sage has been involved in CrossFit since 2010 and opened the Elkhart, Indiana CrossFit RAZE affiliate in 2012. Along with her primary goal of striving everyday to be an excellent coach for her CrossFit RAZE athletes, she also enjoys competing in a variety of CrossFit and fitness related competitions.

Education and Experience:

Coach Sage is a ANSI Accredited CrossFit Level 1 Coach and is also a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. In addition, Coach Sage is a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Trainer, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer and has attended the CrossFit Athlete Defense Course.

Competitions are an integral part of Coach Sage’s development as a CrossFit Coach and Athlete and she has participated in a variety of competitions including Strongman, the USAW Spartan Open in Lansing, MI, the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH and National Indoor Rowing Competitions along with various local and regional CrossFit competitions.

From Coach Sage:

“Prior to CrossFit I was just your typical overweight mom. I had been in and out of the “Globo Gyms” doing step aerobics just trying to get some weight off but, it would always come back on. I started CrossFit just wanting to lose weight but as I got fitter my mind changed from losing weight to performance. I did my first strongman competition in 2011. I did well and realized how much I loved to compete!

I knew there was more I could and had to offer. I knew I wanted to help others. I never thought it would be as a CrossFit Coach. Now here I am! To be a Coach in my athlete’s CrossFit journey is such a profound responsibility. Every day I walk into our CrossFit RAZE box I am constantly striving for excellence and to get there I make it a priority to out-work and out-care any coach or trainer that may be available to my athletes."

Todd Franklin


Coach Todd Franklin has been involved in CrossFit since 2013 and has been a coach at Crossfit RAZE since 2015. He admits that he never thought of himself as a coach, but, after coaching a few classes and seeing the athletes accomplish things that they didn't think that they could or would have ever done, this has given him great joy and added another dimension to CrossFit.

Education and Experience:

Coach Franklin is an ANSI accredited CrossFit Level 1 and, like most coaches and athletes, enjoys learning more about the sport of CrossFit with each and every class.

In high school he enjoyed competing in Cross Country, track and wrestling and this continues today where he enjoys strongman and CrossFit competitions. “I find the other athletes at RAZE to be great competition but, in the end, I mostly compete against myself.”

From Coach Franklin:

"I can tell you that from an older athlete’s point of view – I’m in my mid 50's, have always worked out and always looked for a way to fight off the effects of aging and the battle of the bulge - CrossFit is it. I have never found anything else that has been so challenging nor have I ever been so fit. Whether you are age 6 or age 106, CrossFit RAZE has something for you. You will find the workouts here challenging and the other athletes a great encouragement and inspiration."